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Hiking tour in Durmitor

Durmitor is a beautiful mountain with very rich attractions for all lovers of walking and hiking. There are beautiful peaks like Bobotov Hook (Montenegro's largest peak-2523m), Sava's Hut, Big and Little Bear... as well as 17 glacial lakes with many famous lookouts,ice and regular caves, waterfalls ... Durmitor stands out from the other great mountains and in that you can visit and enjoy all its magnificent natural beauties in person.
We organize walking tours, individual and group, with our experienced and licensed guides, lasting from several hours to several days.
Tours of several hours involve visits to the nearest and less demanding attractions (sightseeing of lakes, lookouts, caves, mountain peaks ...), and are mostly directed to visit one attraction and return the same day.
Tours that last more than a day include a visit to more attractions and include a stay in the mountains, in mountain huts or tents.
In both cases, basic mountaine equipment (mountaine shoes) is required.
Mountaine equipment that is required and other equipment that helps you safely and comfortably go to the mountain can be rented in our facility (hiking boots, jackets, sticks, binoculars, thermos bottles, tents ...).
For all the detailed information you can contact us, also based on your requirements, wishes, experience and fitness we can make a mountain tour specially for you, which, in addition to beautiful experiences, will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and safe hiking.