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Ice cave

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

At the top of Obla glava, one of the many peaks of Durmitor, there is the Ice Cave at 2160 m above sea level. From the entrance, a steep plain 40 m long, mostly covered with eternal snow, reaches the ice-bound cave bottom. The descent is done by burying the feet or with the help of a rope. At the bottom of the cave, numerous ice pillars of various sizes and shapes have sprung up, an incredible game of nature from tiny to several meters high.

The peak that resembles a human head, called the Round Head by the people, hides in its shadow another of the imaginative wonders of the nature of Montenegro.

Durmitor is beautiful in every season, and an ice cave in which winter never stops, and ice stalactites and stalagmites throughout the year cause admiration of all those who enter this ice kingdom. The hall, 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, will cool visitors with its icy breath in the middle of July, and clean, icy water dripping from the arches, forming ice figures the height of a man, is a good opportunity for refreshment and a reason to replenish the mountaineer's water supply.

This natural phenomenon is an unavoidable stop for anyone who wants to explore and discover the secrets of one of the most beautiful mountains of Montenegro, a place where you will, for a moment, feel out of time and space, surrounded by the beauty of Durmitor and the Ice Cave.

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